Sussex and Kent employers can free and comprehensive Health Promotion Services via their Local Authority and community websites:

  • Stop Smoking service
  • Alcohol and Drugs advice
  • Cancer prevention, cancer screening and early symptom recognition
  • Healthy diet and weight management
  • Advice about keeping physically active
  • Health Checks for the over 40s
  • Cardio vascular disease prevention
  • Behaviour change support for people ready to make lifestyle changes
  • Conversations to help dispel  mental health myths in the workplace


Health promotion teams raise awareness amongst local employees about how they can live healthier lives and therefore reduce the amount of sick leave they need to take, and support employees to change their behaviour to live more healthily.

According to government figures, staff workplace sickness cost the UK industry over £100 billion annually.

Workplace health promotion aims at keeping people healthy and has been shown to increase employee job satisfaction, which in turns can help to reduce staff turnover.

Local organisations who have accessed services have found the following main benefits:

  • Improved health and welfare of workers
  • Improved productivity and reduced costs associated with the reduction of sick leave.

Check out your local authority and community websites for more information on health promotion at work.

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