Community Support includes the 12-step fellowships such as Alcoholics Anonymous, family, carer and neighbourhood support, and recovery community support. Local treatment and recovery services, your GP and Local Authority website will have local support information. We have signposted a few of the many national options here:







Find out more about the East Sussex Recovery Alliance here.

ESRA is an established peer support network.










Domestic or sexual abuse and violence can happen to anyone.

You are not alone.

We support men, women, and families, and have a specialist LGBT team.

















Click here for local meetings










Click here for local meetings





Click here for local meetings






Click here for local meetings


Families and carers:








Click here for local meetings

Your GP, or Local Authority website have local support options

Neighbourhoods are supported by local councils. Check out your Local Authority website to find out more about drugs, alcohol, homelessness, housing, community support, crime and much more.

Recovery communities are blossoming. Cafes and other venues are opening to offer people in recovery more choices, away from substance use. Ask local services and fellowships to find out what’s happening in your area.



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