‘Harm reduction’ is practical advice and support for people who use drugs and / or alcohol, whether providing needle exchanges or ensuring nightclubs provide free water to clubbers. Alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, over the counter meds; they can all cause difficulties to the wrong person, in the wrong place, at the wrong time!

What you use:

  • Do you really know? With 2 new drugs on the market each week in the UK, it is important to start slow and low; give substances time, and take a test dose
  • Some drugs just don’t go together. Do your research; avoid mixing drugs and/or using alcohol with any other substance. Know how to get help if you need it. You could save a life.

How you use:

  • Snorting, smoking, bombing, eating, injecting; know how to reduce the risks for the method/s you use.
  • Never share!

When you use:

  • Using out of your usual ‘comfort zone’ e.g. festivals, on the beach etc. can cause problems for people. Be kind to yourself!
  • If you are using when you wake up or just before you go to sleep, or are rushing home from work to use and find it hard to stop once you’ve started, you could be heading towards dependence. Why not try our self-test?

Why you use:

  • Most people use for fun and pleasure. If you are using to feel better, to not feel so bad, or just to feel ‘normal’, you might be heading towards dependence. Keep an eye on your motivations.
  • Using when in a bad place, physically or psychologically, is usually a recipe for disaster.


For more harm reduction advice and info you can watch our videos here.

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