Drugs and alcohol at work

People who use drugs and alcohol are more likely to be in work than be unemployed. If you feel drug and/or alcohol use is affecting your work or the work of your team, there are a range of options available. Community groups like AA, structured treatment and some workplaces offer flexible support for people in work. Check out your workplace policy to see what your employer offers.

If you are not ready to stop, why not consider some harm reduction tips; practical and non-judgemental advice to reduce harms associated with drug or alcohol use. Treatment services can provide this type of support face-to-face to people who are not ready to come into treatment, and who want to reduce any potential harms drugs / alcohol can cause.

For managers: Please access our e-learning here to find out how to support your team compassionately and proactively, safely and legally. If you are interested in a free days workshop

for managers please click here to express your interest. We will get back in touch.

Please remember that all drugs affect people differently, so know your own limits and get help if you need it! For more harm reduction advice and info you can watch our videos here

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